Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can't be any older than 16, yet they're damn good

I'm working on a story about the way-under-the-radar Rock Cafe in Vernfield in the former Nyce Printing building at 857 Main St., Harleysville.
I recently attended a multiple local act CD release party for the band Earl & Raine at the Rock, which featured Lansdale's Brian Medlin, plus Eric Lee Burkert, Former Belle, and this duo that just knocked me out called Among Trees.
These young guys have the souls of old folkies. How many dudes, as young as they, are incorporating BANJO into their songwriting (besides Mumford and Sons)? Here's some all-too-short video of their song "I Don't Wanna Suffer (I Don't Wanna Sing the Blues)."
It's a shame their entourage started lining up to grab free copies of their CD and talk their ears off right after their set, because I would have liked to know more about them.
You heard it here first. Xtreme Folk Scene and/or the Philly Folksong Society needs to hear Among Trees and get them into their festivals ... yesterday.