Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas mash-ups and a gift mix you can download last minute

Christmas music gets under my skin. It's everywhere for a month, then it vanishes faster than your resolve to keep a New Year's resolution.
Of all things to breathe new life into a tired and annoying musical genre, would you believe song mash-ups on TV commercials? I know, DJ mash-ups -- soooo 2006, right?
But I'm talking about the three Verizon commercials that somehow manage to connect Earth Wind & Fire's "Shining Star" with "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," Young MC's "Bust a Move" with "Deck the Halls" -- and the one that seems to air the most -- "Our House" by Madness and "Jingle Bells." That's quality, imaginative stuff!
By the way, try to avoid scrolling down to read the comments on the YouTube links I inserted. People are so ridiculously uncouth on YouTube, which is why I don't spend gobs and gobs of time there.
Yes, Virginia, there is more to the Christmas music genre than the same chestnuts (roasting on an open fire) that never die!
Target has 14 original Christmas songs you can download for free that are very much worth checking out, and would make you a hero for compiling them onto a CD as a gift:
  1. Toy Jackpot by Blackalicious
  2. Tiny Tree Christmas by Guster
  3. Snow is Falling by Darker My Love
  4. Perfect Gift by Natalie Hemby
  5. 10,000 Watts by Crystal Antlers (!)
  6. You'll Never Find My Christmas by Bishop Allen
  7. Get Down for the Holidays by Jenny O.
  8. Mrs. Claus Ain't Got Nothin' on Me by Little Jackie
  9. Electronic Santa by Blazer Force (Flight of the Conchords)
  10. It's Christmas by Coconut Records
  11. Party Hard by Little Isodore
  12. Super Mama by The Pinker Tones
  13. Got Something for You by Best Coast Wavves
  14. Un Regalo Para Mi by Ceci Bastida
Just click on the "Target" link above to get started.


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