Monday, February 7, 2011

Hot night spot in downtown Lansdale

Carol Tweed at Molly Maguire's in Lansdale was pulling my leg.
Gathering information on a story I wrote in "Go" two weeks ago, she made it sound like the weekend night crowd wasn't what the Molly's team was hoping it would be.
Are you kidding me? Check out this video I shot from Friday Feb. 4 with the duo FunZaLuv.
So you think my story might have had something to do with this healthy crowd?

Note the creative lyric change in "Melt with You," and the singer standing on top of the bar during "Save the Last Dance for Me."
These guys have played at the Molly's in Phoenixville before, and the one dude mentioned that he's from the Lansdale area.
Although they are playing along with prerecorded karaoke backing tracks, the people are undeniably picking up what FunZaLuv is throwing down.
To find out who's entertaining at Molly's on Friday and Saturday nights, check

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