Monday, November 19, 2012

Music that puts Amanda in the mood

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Like millions of other Americans, and as the band LMFAO puts it, “I work out!”


When it comes to a work out, I can’t live without music … or that is at least what I thought.
During April of 2011 I came up with the crazy idea to run a marathon. I’ve been an athlete all of my life; I head to the gym frequently and I’m always doing some kind of activity (whether it be biking, running, walking my pup or playing soccer.) So as a bucket list item I figured now is my time to run a marathon before I get too old and will never be able to do it.
So here I was, starting a marathon training regimen that would get me prepared for my first marathon which took place in January 2012 in Walt Disney World.
Week after week, month after month, I hit the streets of Lansdale, tackling everything from three-mile training runs to 20-mile training runs.
With my shoes tied tight, iPod strapped on my arm and water bottle in hand, it was time to run.
Run after run I was always coming up with a new playlist, usually techno music that would give me a beat that would allow me to keep a solid stride and mentally pick me up when the run started to get tough.
Listening to music was always a must because like other runners, I’m a bit of a head case without it (Or maybe I am one all the time … Brian can maybe answer that haha). When I can hear myself breathing I mentally start to fumble a bit, questioning myself: “Amanda, are you going to be able to make it the whole time?” or “Geez, your breathing is getting harder, you should probably quit.”
I’m not the fasted runner in the world so I was often trying to come up with hours worth of music to fill my iPod, which is a struggle in itself. So here I was, a few nights before my marathon trying to make a playlist that would allow me to kick Disney’s Marathon ASS. Techno, hard rock and some old school classics were ready to buzz through my ears.
Here were a couple go-to songs:

The gun went off around 5:30 a.m. at the Disney Marathon, and in all honesty, I can only remember listening to maybe 10 songs out of the HUNDREDS I added to my iPod. The excitement and commotion that took place during race day kept me so distracted that music wasn’t even in the forefront of my mind. 
The sounds of cheers and the overall noise as we ran through all the Disney parks were enough to keep my mind filled and my breathing out of sight.
So for all you runners out there who are worried about filling up your iPod with music for race day, take it from me, the girl who NEEDED music to run – you will survive without it. But just in case, fill that puppy up because it’s gonna be a LONG run.
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