Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kurt Cobain, we hardly knew ye

Why is Kurt Cobain trending on Twitter this 20th day of February?
Ah, it would've been his 46th birthday.
Naturally, the far-too-many snarky losers in the Twittersphere had ignorant things to say, such as the nimrods that tweeted pictures of Billy Ray Cyrus. Uhhhhh, is that supposed to be a joke, or are you just really that dumb?
The best Cobain-related tweet came from @JohnFugelsang, who shared a hand-written list of Cobain's favorite albums.
Some are no surprise -- David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World," which Nirvana famously covered on MTV Unplugged ... The Pixies ... Iggy & The Stooges' "Raw Power," with its savage and loud guitars. Read a review I wrote for the reissue of "Raw Power" here.

Several are BIG surprises, however. To wit: The Knack "Get the Knack"

Aerosmith "Rocks"

REM "Green" (I would've guessed an earlier album.)

The Clash "Combat Rock" (when the seminal British punks hit their commercial peak)

The Beatles "Meet the Beatles" (He strikes me as a White Album kind of guy.)

Public Enemy "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back"

and Leadbelly "Final Sessions Vol. 1."

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