Saturday, March 16, 2013

Have you seen what's going on at New Hope Winery?

"We're more than just a winery" is what they like to say at the New Hope Winery. In fact, they're a bona fide concert venue, with some really compelling shows. Cy Cumrin of The Fixx played a solo show recently, and some upcoming highlights include a solo show by John Ford Coley -- as in the easy-breezy '70s sounds of  England Dan (Seals) & John Ford Coley -- Jeffrey Gaines, Tom Chapin, Led Zeppelin tribute group Kashmir, Fleetwood Mac tribute Tusk and Rolling Stones tribute The Glimmer Twins.
Anne and I went to see Fountains of Wayne, whom I famously wrote about in The Reporter in 2003, there. The band is touring behind a new album, "Sky Full of Holes," which is actually available as a vinyl LP.  They brought their power pop A-game, including "Stacy's Mom."

In a pure happenstance stroke of luck, we blundered into the band's backstage party, which involves the ritual of breaking a red dragon pinata filled with gum, Tootsie Pops, liquor, condoms, "personal lubricant" -- and somewhere in there --  a Post-It Flag Pen and a baggie of shredded currency from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Here's what we snagged from the pinata breaking:

Now we get the significance behind the FOW song "Red Dragon Tattoo."

Fountains of Wayne -- although the store in North Jersey that bears your name has closed, and we had some "interesting" observations about guitarist Jody Porter-- we are one!

Oh, and I didn't even say anything about the wine! Should probably save that for another post.

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