Wednesday, May 10, 2017

When you really want to like a smokey whiskey, but just can't

It's a better than average Friday when a free whiskey sample crosses your desk.
"This is Stolen?" What's that about? And is that a 45 rpm record jacket?
Taking inspiration from a quote from Picasso that "great artists steal," Stolen is the name of a new-to-the-U.S., 46% alcohol by volume, aged 11 years artisanal spirit that originated in New Zealand. The gimmick is using charred whiskey barrel staves, plus a secondary barrel-finishing process -- where what the makers refer to as "the juice" is continually analyzed for taste and nosed for aroma till it meets the boldness test.
"Drink it like it's stolen," they seductively say.
Smokey whiskey is quite manly, and I feel like I should've sipped it while smoking a cigar. But just like with Jim Beam Black, I have a hard time getting into it because the smoke flavor is overkill. but that's nothing that ginger ale can't fix. Does that make me a wuss, or a whiskey snob? I mean I do know the difference between whiskey with an "E" and whisky without it.
Give me Evan Williams' Honey or Cherry, or Jim Beam Apple on the rocks any day!
What I wish Stolen would've sent me is a link to cocktail recipes so I knew what the heck to do with it. I took the liberty of supplying it to you here. 
They also have a smoked rum and something called "Overproof" rum.
Since Talk About the Passion is mostly a music blog, I need to mention what was in the 45 rpm jacket in the package, besides cards introducing me to Stolen Whiskey. No, there was no record.

 Rapper Phranchyze and alt country singer Nikki Lane and rocker Jonathan Tyler (did they spell his name wrong on this photo?) are into Stolen.

However, I think Phranchyze prefers Hennessey and Horchata. He has a song about it.


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