Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fighting back against stalking and bullying

Props to my man, Randy Alexander for letting me know about this song.
In TAYLOR BRIGHT’S “PSYCHO,” the 1st single from her forthcoming EP, Mixtape Love,the 18-year-old Philly pop artist encourages her peers to take the power back from bullies and stalkers and adopt more of a “We’re not gonna take it,” attitude. It was written by RoboPop (Maroon 5, Gym Class Heroes) and the video was shot at West Chester University.

"By embracing that nervous energy and ultimately taking back the power, the stalker has failed and gets a taste of his own medicine," Bright says.
This speaks to my life because I have a female one of these who has sent unspeakably hurtful and untrue messages to my girlfriend and a previous girlfriend. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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  1. I've been on the receiving end. Its a very scary place, especially when you are threatened and lied about. I'm sorry you are going through it. Eventually, these "psychos" find a new target to stalk and bully. Their insecurity makes them unable to exist unless they are terrorizing an innocent victim.