Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chris Brown ... come on, man

I'll admit to being a hater.
When Chris Brown broke onto the scene with "Run It" at the age of 16, it smacked of a Hanson- or Aaron Carter-like fast track to oblivion.

Then there was that whole regrettable chapter with Rihanna.

And then came this song

Yeah, it's supposed to be a Michael Jackson tribute. But the song actually sounds more like SWV's "Right Here/Human Nature."

Chris Brown ... come on, man. We've already heard this song ... twice!
It's true that top-of-his-game MJ (who is now back in the news because of his doctor going on trial) gave that SWV song a chance to be a hit in the first place. But "She Ain't You" seems to have every bit to do with SWV as it does Michael Jackson because Chris Brown flat out steals the "Right Here" melody.
Why no love for the Sistahs With Voices, Chris?

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