Monday, December 7, 2009

Rhymes with stink-stank-stunk

Regional punk rockers Clashing Plaid have re-issued their single "All I Got for Christmas was Drunk" along with a cover of Chuck Berry's "Run Run Rudolph" and the new tune "Penny Collection." Hear these live during a show Friday night Dec. 11 at Traxx, 102 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar.
Holiday music tends to get on my nerves because it's so invasive for about a month and then disappears for 11 months. But ever since Clashing Plaid put out "Drunk" a few years ago, I must say, it's a keeper. I still have their one CD that has "Drunk" and the well-done originals "Emotional Wreck" and "Ghosts on Main Street."
"Drunk" is available as a free download from and "Penny Collection" is on iTunes and CDBaby.


  1. Anthony from Clashing Plaid just informed me that the Traxx date has been cancelled.
    However, they play there on a regular basis. So check the band's Web site, MySpace and Facebook.

  2. CLASHING PLAID is the best! I'm bummed that their TRAXX show is cancelled. I will see them at the Starlight Balloroom on Saturday.

  3. ...."have a drink it rhymes with stink stank stunk....all i got for christmas was drunk"....

    best christmas song ever.

    - Dizz