Friday, February 19, 2010

Flirting on the job

So I'm at a media preview for the "Picasso and the Avant Garde in Paris" exhibit Friday at the Art Museum - one of the reasons I love my job - and I find myself unexpectantly smitten by singer/songwriter/cabaret performer Karen Gross.
Karen works for WHERE Magazine and had brought an intern with her to check out the new blockbuster exhibition, which I will be writing a story about (tentative publication date in The Reporter is Friday Feb. 26).
I knew about her cabaret show "Sex and the Single Singer," and had always admired her alluringly full lips in her publicity photos, but did not know she was a writer by trade! That's my heart you hear going pitter-patter.
She introduced herself, and I said: "You're the 'Sex and the Single Singer' Karen Gross."
Karen was so excited that someone knew about that 'other side' of her life, and noted that she was playing the Tin Angel in Philadelphia March 19. She got bubbly when she saw my nametag. She seemed to remember that I had written an article on her (to be accurate, I think it was a blurb of her show in a Valentine's event story in our weekend section).
"It's so good to meet you in person. Give me a hug," she said.
O ... M ... G! Meee-ow!!!
Um, wait ... what was I there for again?
I had only talked to this woman on the phone one time before that day, and suddenly I was having a really hard time keeping my attention on the artwork. And this is Pablo friggin' Picasso we're talking about on the walls!
Now I really want to see Karen's show 7:30 March 19 at the Tin Angel, 20 S. Second St., Philadelphia. Cover is $15 and reservations are required by calling (215) 928-0770. Also, visit

But for now, I must settle for

SIGH! I feel like Marcia Brady in the Davy Jones episode of "The Brady Bunch."

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